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Dedicate to provide customers

with integrated solution

of precision forging, heat treatment

and fine machining.

Machinery manufacturing is the pillar industry of Jinma Industrial Group dedicated to provide customers with integrated solution of precision forging, heat treatment and fine machining. The main products are automotive parts, construction machinery parts...

Ri Zhao Kumho Jinma Chemistry Co.,Ltd

Ri Zhao Kumho Jinma Chemistry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007, located inTaoluo industrial zone,donggang, was invested by Kumho korea and Jinma Industrial Goup, the total investment is RMB 400 million, and annual capacity is 150.000 tons of SB-latexes.


The company established the provincial level research center of aynthetic latex, which is the standard maker of the first part (XSBRL) 56C.56B》GB/T25260.1-2010. 

The main products include curtain wall,  system doors and Windows, fireproof doors and Windows, composite fireproof glass, toughened glass, building steel structure, external elevator, three-dimensional garage and construction and the products& projects throughout spread over more than 10 cities such as Jinan, Qingdao, Weihai, Weifang etc.

Jinma Rihui Curtain Wall Decoration Co.,Ltd


Owning six first-class qualifications such as for general contracting of construction projects etc.

The company has built five living areas, providing safe, healthy and comfortable living environment and "Considerate, comfortable and reassuring" property management services for our workers and owners.

Ri Zhao Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd

High-quality construction, service for owners and strive to be the harmonious society builder.

Jinma Industrial Group Co.,Ltd

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Intelligent manufacturing for better life

2019年4月,汽车产销同比继续下降,降幅比上个月有所扩大。一、4月汽车销量同比下降14.6%4月,汽车产销分别完成205.2万辆和198万辆,同比分别下降14.5%和14.6%。1-4月,汽车产销分别完成838.9万辆和835.3万辆,同比分别下降11%和12.1%。 (一)4月乘用车销量同比下降17.7%4月,乘用车产销分别完成166万辆和157.5万辆,同比分别下降17%和17.7%。其中
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5月13日下午,青岛啤酒(日照)公司管理团队一行30余人来我集团观摩学习,集团常务副总经理马祖强陪同活动。 马祖强副总对来访客人表示欢迎,陪同来访客人参观了集团展厅、机加工车间。参观期间,马祖强向客人介绍了集团高端汽车零部件制造情况,及集团如何将新旧动能转换理念落到实处,增强企业发展创新动力,不断取得企业高质量发展所取得的成绩。 来访客人对我集团生产车间5S现场管理、精益生产管理、TPM管理等
3 days ago
5月11日上午9:00,山东省全民健身月主题活动启动仪式暨第九届全民健身运动会万人健步(日照站)在日照万平口举行,集团组织职工参加了活动。 本次活动以“喜迎省运会、当好东道主”“创建全国全民运动健身模范市,建设活力之城”为主题,以万平口广场为起点,太阳广场为终点,全程6.1公里。参与职工顺利走完全程,展现出昂扬向上、奋发有为的精神状态。
2019-05-13 08:58

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